Dead Sea Bath Salt Rose Garden

  • Soak in skin-soothing waters infused with the ethereal beauty of fresh garden roses. All natural Dead Sea salts detoxify and condition skin, while organic essential oils calm, moisturize and soothe skin and senses. Makes a gift of pure inspiration — for yourself or another!

    YES: Made from Organic Ingredients • Gluten-free • Non-GMO • Preservative-free • Vegan • Hypoallergenic • Made from U.S and Imported materials

    NO: petrochemicals, mineral oil, petrolatum, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, detergents, palm oil, synthetic fragrances or dyes - or any synthetic chemicals whatsoever. More about our organic, vegan and sustainable philosophy here.

    16 oz (we are using old labels that still say 13 oz - because we don't want to toss them into landfill. BUT the actual content is greater + it comes at the same price as before!)

  • Why It Is Better:

    •Made with certified organic botanicals
    •Genuine natural Dead Sea Salt – detoxifying and rich in 21 minerals
    •Free from any toxic chemicals such as synthetic dyes, fragrance, etc.
    •40% Recycled apothecary glass - luxurious, elegant, classy & eco friendly gift
    •Deep mineral detox & relaxing herbal aromatherapy
    •Premium certified organic palmarosa promotes relaxation & stress relief, while deeply moisturizing your skin

    Pure and true Dead Sea Salt - talk about natural artefacts! Clinical tests have proved that regular use of Dead Sea salt alleviates psoriasis, arthritis, back pain, muscle pain, skin allergies, stress, insomnia and many other conditions.

    Our organic bath salts are pure and rich in minerals which makes them therapeutic-grade salts unlike many of the commercial Dead Sea salts that have been processed, stripped of minerals, or blended with another salt to produce a cheap product that is far inferior to the true Dead Sea salt. 
    With our organic bath salts, you purchase not only genuine therapeutic benefits, but also a luxurious, organic rose spa experience. Pure certified organic palmarosa essential oil is highly moisturizing to the skin and tantalizes your senses with soothing floral scent. Beautiful organic rose petals will create that much desired spa at home experience which will help you relax and unwind. 
    • Ingredients - certified organic and produced by sustainable organic agriculture preserving our earth and your health 
    • Packaging – luxurious apothecary glass bottle (40% recycled and 100% recyclable and reusable) and natural cork top (100% recyclable and sustainable) 
    Handcrafted with pure certified organic ingredients and premium Dead Sea salt, this bath product contains NO petroleum derived substances, no animal derived ingredients, artificial fragrance, synthetics, water and fillers. YES, we use only organic, natural plant-based ingredients because this is how nature intended them to be - pure and effective as they are. Read more about our organic, vegan and eco-friendly philosophy here.

  • Premium, Natural Certified Dead Sea Salt
    Organic Palmarosa Essential Oil
    Organic Food Grade Flavors
    Organic Rose Flowers and Petals
    Organic Rosemary Extract

  • Fill your tub with (comfortably) hot water and add a big handful of organic Dead Sea Bath Salts and swirl to dissolve. Get into the tub, lean back, breathe in the dreamy aromas, close your eyes or watch the beautiful flowers float. If water cools off, just add more hot water and pour some more bath salt to prolong this enjoyable and relaxing aromatherapy spa experience. It's best to follow with your favorite moisturizer while your skin is still damp after bathing. Relax and enjoy!

    For external use only. Keep away from light, heat and moisture.

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