Thesis products are packaged in glass, except shower products (recyclable PET). We use metal caps and plastic parts where they are currently unavoidable (dip tubes, pumps for example). 
Glass is infinitely recyclable and ultimately biodegrades (for hundreds of years) into sand without releasing toxic substances into the environment. 

Boxes are made from recyclable paper stock. We are trying to avoid plastic as much as possible while preparing packages for shipping and use mostly wrapping paper and biodegradable shipping peanuts on occasion. To avoid waste, we reuse shipping materials to the max.


Organic ingredients come from environmentally clean zones where agriculture respects natural balance. 

Minimally processed to remove impurities - less energy and resources used during processsing, no harmful processing agents/pollutants involved (solvents, bleaches, etc)

Production Process

We use simple mechanisms that do not emit anything harmful into the environment. Some disposable materials are unavoidable, such as latex gloves and hair nets to prevent batch contamination. Wherever possible, we employ reusable and biodegradable items, such as cotton aprons and other pieces of work clothing. Our tools are always reusable and never disposable. We use pure organic castile soap for our equipment.