Going Natural. Natural deodorants can still deliver the results you need—without the harmful chemicals

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No one wants to be the stinky person in yoga class. And sometimes natural deodorants take the rap. But a new crop of natural deodorants not only work as well as the traditional versions, their appeal is that they are a healthier alternative.

Natural deodorants without antiperspirants allow your body to sweat and detoxify itself. In this case, ‘don’t sweat it’ isn’t the goal—keeping your body healthy is. Much of what goes on your skin, goes in. Think medication patches: Transdermal delivery systems are a thing for a reason! While not all ‘natural’ deodorants are created equally, they are almost always a better choice.

Most conventional deodorants contain potentially toxic ingredients like propylene glycol, aluminum, parabens, triclosan or synthetic fragrance. Aluminum is often added to reduce sweating, but preventing your body from sweating means that it can’t cool itself or release toxins. On the other hand, just because a personal care product has the word ‘natural’ on a label doesn’t mean the ingredients are automatically safe. When in doubt, learn to be a label sleuth.

When shopping for a natural deodorant, scan the ingredients list carefully. Look for ingredients that make sense, and by that we mean they should be fully disclosed and not hidden. Fragrance is a trade secret and it doesn’t have to be disclosed to consumers. Often listed as ‘parfum,’ fragrance is like a nesting doll that can hide over 3,000 different chemicals, from parabens to phthalates to artificial preservatives. It doesn’t matter if it’s synthetic fragrance, artificial fragrance, natural fragrance, nature-adjacent fragrance, or innocent-sounding botanical fragrance oils, if it says ‘fragrance’ you can’t know what it’s made of. The only way to know for sure is if the scent is listed as an essential oil, preferably certified organic, so an independent third-party has confirmed that what is in the label is actually in the product.

Do your research to ensure your pick is as safe as you’d like it to be, then try it for a few days to see how your body reacts to it. It’s really trial by perspire. As always, we encourage consumers to read labels on all their personal care products. Be choosy about what you’re putting on your body.

Thesis Natural Deodorant
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