A (Very) Honest Discussion About What It's Like to Be Vegan


“You’re vegan? For how long? Is it really hard?” I encounter this trio of questions—usually in that order—on a weekly basis. To be clear, I never mind answering (“Yes. Six years. Not really.”), but it’s always a reminder that many people have a removed kind of curiosity about veganism—it might be fascinating, but it’s also too alien and restricting to consider. It doesn’t help that the vegan lifestyle is fraught with stereotypes and assumptions about what making that choice says about your personality.

Incidentally, Byrdie has two vegans on staff—associate features editor Amanda Montell and myself. Curious to see how these kinds of questions and preconceived notions played into our own personal experiences, we decided to hash it out, roundtable-style. And while those topics certainly came up, we were ultimately surprised to see where our perspectives intersected most: on subjects like eating disorders, dating, and feeling inadequate in the vegan community.


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