Here Are the Best Natural and Organic Beauty Brands You Should Know About

The Best Organic and Natural Beauty Brands You Should Know About: Thesis Beauty

Year after year, Thesis Beauty is consistently recognized in the green and organic skincare world for its outstanding products and affordable price tags. The brand's goal is to make organic beauty accessible and reliable for all skin types, and it utilizes eco-friendly packaging and ingredients that are premium certified organic, cruelty-free, vegan, non-synthetic, and filler-free.

Perhaps one of the most unique things about this brand is that it offers a generous lineup of unscented products ideal for sensitive skin types, including a Body Oil Unscented For Sensitive Skin ($20). For those who like strong fragrances, you have to try the insanely gorgeous, straight-from-heaven's-flower-patch Dead Sea Bath Salt Rose Garden ($23). Another excellent option is the Mermaid's Cheek Face Mask ($23), ideal for oily and blemish-prone skin and made with organic sea weeds, spinach, and French green clay. For an organic glow-up, try the West Indies Poppy Seed Face Scrub ($23), made with several clays, poppy seeds, rosehips, orange peel, and all spice.