Deodorant - Clear Natural Spray - Aluminum & Paraben Free

  • Truly natural and organic deodorant for sports and leisure, men and women. Works great on armpits and feet. Contains a powerful blend of fruit, herbal and flower essences to naturally fight odors and keep you smelling fresh.

    YES: Made from Organic Ingredients • Gluten-free • Non-GMO • Preservative-free • Vegan • Hypoallergenic • Made from U.S and Imported materials

    NO: petrochemicals, mineral oil, petrolatum, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, detergents, palm oil, synthetic fragrances or dyes - or any synthetic chemicals whatsoever. More about our organic, vegan and sustainable philosophy here.

    4 fl. oz / 120 ml

  • Why It Is Better:

    • Made with certified organic ingredients - extra high organic content

    • No Synthetics, Aluminum, Parabens, Preservatives

    • 100% vegan and cruelty free

    • Stylish dark amber apothecary glass bottle with fine mist sprayer

    • Beautiful herbal aroma

    • There is no need to apply chemical-laden drugstore brands that may compromise your health when there is a natural way to prevent and fight odors.

    Where does the odor come from?
    Coffee, flavored and spicy foods & beverages, stress, bacteria, toxins. 
    What to do?
    Limit coffee consumption- we know, easier said than done. Some researches show that coffee can actually stimulate brain function and demonstrate antioxidant activity when consumed in small doses. Health purists advise to dump it altogether. As huge coffee drinkers ourselves, we're just trying to stick with a few cups per week. Shave, odor producing bacteria do not like that. Use this deodorant in conjunction with these measures for best smelling results.
    Enjoy and be well!
    • Ingredients - certified organic and produced by sustainable organic agriculture which preserves our earth and your health 
    • Eco-friendly packaging luxurious dark amber apothecary glass bottle (recyclable and reusable) 
    Handcrafted with pure certified organic ingredients, this nourishing, luxurious organic deodorant contains NO preservatives, petroleum derived substances, artificial fragrances, and harmful synthetic skin irritants. YES, this organic deodorant does contain only organic, natural ingredients because this is how nature intended them to be - pure and effective as they are. This organic deodorant is freshly made in small batches and contains NO PRESERVATIVES - avoid introducing any water. Learn more about our organic, vegan and eco-friendly philosophy here.

  • Organic Cane Alcohol (Ethanol)
    Organic Glycerin
    Organic Lavender Essential Oil
    Organic Lime Essential Oil
    Organic Lemongrass Essential Oil
    Organic Peppermint Essential Oil
    Organic Petitgrain Essential Oil
    Organic Eucalyptus Essential Oil
    Organic Rosemary Essential Oil
    Organic Geranium Essential Oil
    Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil

  • Spritz onto clean skin and allow to dry. Re-apply during the day if needed.


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