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Dry Hands 101

Cold hands.
Dry skin.
Just reading these words makes my hands itchy.

Optimal indoor humidity depending on the source is between 40 and 60%. Anything below 40% starts feeling dry, dryer and driest. If you look at hourly forecasts, there is an Indoor Humidity parameter that will tell you the average relative indoor humidity corresponding to the current Outdoor Humidity level. In winter months I notice this indicator hover around low 30s.

So why all this talk about humidity?

It affects the way your skin feels.

In lower humidity, the transepidermal water loss increases (or simply put water evaporation from your skin's surface) and skin feels dry, thin, sometimes cracked or covered in fine lines.

So what do we need to do?
Take care of all exposed skin - face and hands.

We're used to pampering our faces (more or less, time permitting :)). But we often forget about hands.
And in the Covid era, we must wash, sanitize, wipe dry and abuse our hands on a daily basis multiple times per day and sometimes per hour. So they need our love and care now more than ever.

What are the drying agents stealing moisture from our hands?

Problem: Soaps
Most soaps, especially the ones you have to use in public restrooms, are rather harsh cleansers that immediately make your skin feel dehydrated. Unfortunately, most of them are also antibacterial. Research shows that overuse of the antibacterial cleansers robs your skin of its natural flora and are a detriment to your skin's health and the environment (similar to antibiotics).
Solution: Choose very mild, natural soaps, preferably superfatted or containing loads of glycerin (like our gels) for frequent and prolonged hand washing. Consider carrying your own soap with you in your purse to cleanse your hands in public restrooms.

Problem: Sanitizers
Most dollar value sanitizers are based on isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol). This type of alcohol is massively dehydrating for the skin when overused topically. We will further discuss this type of alcohol in the following blog posts. For now, I will say that it is a different kind of alcohol than ethanol used in our Deodorant. And while it has it's virtues like effective wound disinfecting and being very cheap, it's not the best option for a daily hand sanitizer.
Solution: Choose sanitizers based on natural or organic ethanol alcohol that also contain moisturizing agents such as glycerin. Avoid mass market sanitizing wipes and chemical-based sanitizers, especially heavily perfumed ones (for many reasons which we will discuss in our blog).

Problem: Low Humidity
Have you noticed how in summer you wash your hands and sometimes forget to moisturize them because they feel kind of fine? This is where we started - humidity levels. As they drop below comfortable in wintertime, you feel your skin cracking much sooner after washing and drying your hands.
Solution: Get an air humidifier and save your skin and sinuses! Air humidifiers have a range, so you might need to have several in your house or move the unit from room to room. It's guaranteed that you will feel the difference. We have a humidifier for winter and dehumidifier for summer which both help tremendously. There are also personal humidifiers which you can use in your office/cubicle.

Problem: More frequent washing
While we are voting with both hands for frequent and prolonged hand washing, the mere act of washing with soap will leave your hands craving moisture. It's just a fact of life.
In our family, we adopted the practice of washing all groceries with soapy water. And this can be done only by hand. Is it an overkill? We don't know and opinions differ. So we will keep doing it until a more conclusive research shows up.
Solution: Good Moisturizer.

If you tried everything for dry hands and nothing ever works, give a chance to our creams. ⁠These hardworking multitaskers will soothe and nourish your thirsty skin in no time and will keep it healthy and resilient to all kinds of winter damage.

How can they excel where many overhyped creams fail? The secret is, as always, no bull ingredients ⛔⁠ ⁠

Our creams are based on RAW, organic shea butter which gives rich, nourishing moisture to your skin along with antioxidant-rich, bacteria zapping virgin Coconut oil. ⁠ ⁠

We think just as carefully about what we put IN as what we AVOID in our formulas. Like water 💧

While providing temporary relief, water-based skincare products usually do not contain as many nourishing, restorative ingredients and so you end up using more, frequently and ultimately with limited results. ⁠A lot of mass market creams and lotions are up to 80% water so there is simply no room for other ingredients.
Our creams are 100% organic butter, oils, and organic essential oils.

Currently we are offering two organic creams:

Antioxidant Cream Patchouli Geranium - our bestselling organic skin cream which is amazing head to toe. 100% organic, waterless concentrated formula is completely free of any synthetic chemicals and unnecessary fillers. Based on fair trade coconut oil and shea butter, this cream melts into skin providing lasting, rejuvenating nourishment and moisture. A special blend of Patchouli and other organic essential oils relaxes the mind while healing the skin. Comes in a recyclable glass jar with metal lid.

Antioxidant Cream Unscented with Seabuckthorn - one of our bestsellers of all times, this formula is specially developed for very sensitive skin, such as infant's fragile skin, people sensitive to any chemicals or allergenic natural ingredients, and it also helps provide relief for eczema, psoriasis and similar skin conditions. Carefully curated ingredients comprise the base of the cream, such as soothing, healing shea butter and virgin coconut oil (both fair trade). It also features organic CO2 Sea Buckthorn extract - one of the most healing, rejuvenating ingredients out there rich in carotenoids, linoleic and α-linoleic acids ideal for damaged, fragile skin. Packaged in recyclable glass jars.

Wishing you soothing comfort for your skin and mind,