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Great skin care products based on organic ingredients and a thoughtful beauty routine are essential for your beautiful and healthy skin. We'll be describing here some of the other core contributors to your inner and outer healthy beauty that can enhance the effects of natural skin care products.

Some people are so lucky to enjoy flawless and resilient skin thanks to genetic predisposition. For many it's a reward for all the right choices and proper care. It's great to know that anybody can achieve beautiful complexion following very simple steps. It takes dedication to follow them, but the prize will be not only glowing skin, but also a lifetime joy of well-being & self-confidence. Let's put it this way - your every lifestyle choice is going to reflect on your skin. Achieving beautiful skin boils down to very simple basics, really:

  1. Well-conceived and consistent skin care routine
  2. Nutrient-rich diet & proper hydration
  3. Physical activity
  4. Beauty sleep
  5. Using sunscreen & moderate sun exposure
  6. Drop bad habits

These factors work together synergistically and guarantee overall long-term well-being, great looking skin, and antiaging effects. The best part is - you CAN take control of those basics & ultimately you WILL enjoy doing that as you see the results!

Tip #1: Beauty regimen for your radiant complexion
Skin's Response: Great skin care routine will prevent and alleviate breakouts, flaky, itchy skin, excessive oiliness or dryness, premature aging and some other issues.
Explanation: Choosing high-quality products that address the needs of your skin type and being consistent with following through on the appropriate skin care regimen is extremely important for your skin's well-being. Price tag is not always an indicator of quality - analyzing the ingredient list is a surefire way to make the best choice. Choose products based on organic & natural ingredients and avoid those with questionable content.
Solution: What makes for a well-designed skin care routine:
- identifying your skin type
- using products suitable for your skin type
- ditching chemical-laden products
- avoiding too harsh cleansing products
- applying products the right way (as directed by manufacturer)
- following through on your skin care regimen
Try to discard as many conventional, chemical-based products as possible. Opt for handmade, natural and organic-based soap instead of detergent-based cleansers, washes, shampoos, body scrubs, etc. If soap feels too drying for the face, go for powdered cleansers or oil-based cleansers which are super mild yet effective. Always use a moisturizer after cleansing and before applying makeup even if you use a liquid foundation. Try including the following steps in your daily face care routine:
1) cleansing
2) toning
3) moisturizing
4) Once or twice per week it's important to use:
- gentle facial scrub (not sugar or salt based)
- functional facial mask (the effects will last for days!)
Masking is an intensive treatment that in a short period of time delivers a wealth of nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants to your skin, purifies pores and effectively addresses skin type-specific issues.

Tip #2: Forget fast food or dieting - just make healthy feel tasty!
Skin's Response: Vitamin-rich diet is a proven way to free your skin from pimples, blemishes and premature aging.
Explanation: Truly, we are what we eat! You already know that fast food & most frozen, pre-made meals, convenience foods and snacks are highly processed and packed with saturated fats, often trans fats, excess fats, sodium and sugars. As our skin is one of the larger players in in metabolism, it is trying to excrete toxins through pores which manifests in unsightly zits and blemishes. Excess alcohol and way too hot, spicy foods lead to or exacerbate rosacea. On the other hand, extreme dieting deprives our bodies of essential nutrients & vitamins leading to dull looking, lifeless skin and gloomy mood - not great!
Solution: Healthy food can be fun and super tasty - that's a fact! Seasonings, spices, rubs, herbs and skinny sauces will add tons of flavor and zest to any dish. Build your diet around fresh, unprocessed, single-ingredient foods (preferably nutrient-dense organic produce), whole grains, lean proteins and healthy amounts of good fat. Fats are very important for skin's health and youthful appearance. It won't be long when you'll notice that the mere smell of fast food makes you nauseous. Healthy diet replenishes vitamins, nutrients, minerals and important antioxidants - all the building blocks for skin cells. You can dig into more healthy tips at, (vegan tips) and other popular resources.

Tip #3: Shake it!
Skin's Response: Regular physical activity helps congested, dull, clogged, acneic saggy skin look firm, supple, balanced and healthy through improved circulation, detoxification and hormonal balance.
Explanation: Any physical activity really gets those juices flowing! Increased blood circulation delivers oxygen and nutrients to skin tissues, giving it healthy glow and suppleness. Sweat removes toxins from the entire body, providing natural and very effective detoxification. Recent scientific research showed that prolonged sitting for 6 hrs per day is very dangerous, because our bodies are built for movement. It's also scientifically proven that regular exercise keep away not just weight and skin problems, but also such chronic diseases as cancer, Alzheimer and others. Extra bonus - exercise is the most natural and effective way to get rid of cellulite. Yay!
Solution: It doesn't matter what you do walking, jogging, dancing, playing with kids in the park, cycling - do what you can and enjoy doing the most. It doesn't have to be the "Biggest Loser last chance workout". In the office, try using half of your lunch break for walking around your office building or walking up and down the stairs. Love watching TV with family? Great - just do random, fun exercise while watching for at least 20-30 minutes together (boxing, marching, waving hands, etc.). Every activity counts.

Tip #4: Enjoy Your Beauty Sleep
Skin's Response: They don't call it beauty sleep for nothing. Good night's sleep alleviates dark under-eye circles, dull complexion, puffiness and prevents premature aging
Explanation: Research shows that best of all our body restores itself at nighttime. You know from experience that good night's sleep also makes you more alert, improves cognitive function of the brain and provides your body with energy to deal with everyday tasks and physical activity. Lack of sleep makes you drowsy, prone to stress and bad mood which make you reach out for coffee or sugars - to your skin's utter discontent. As your energy drops, you are not likely to exercise or do any physical activity and this leads to aging and dull complexion.
Solution: There lot's of controversial information out there as to how many hours should be enough or when it's too much. We like this one: it's enough when you wake up without alarm. Try to figure out how many hours of quality sleep you need personally each night to wake up to fresh, dewy complexion and clear mind. You will save tons of money on concealers and get yourself a great life. If you have trouble falling asleep, try one of these relaxation methods:
- go to bed at the same time every day to teach your body relax at a certain hour
- take a relaxing aromatherapy bath
- use a relaxing natural room spray or apply relaxing aromatherapy balms/roll-ons
- read a book in bed (this works like a charm!)
- create a pleasant, relaxing environment in your bedroom (with peaceful décor, good bedding, etc)
- avoid caffeinated beverages (coffee, tea, energy drinks) minimum 5-6 hrs before going to bed, alcohol minimum 2-3 hours
- brew some chamomile tea or other relaxing herbal blends.

Tip #5: Make Friends with the Sun
Skin's Response: Sun-baking is a cause of dehydrated, burned, chapped, flaky, "parchment" skin, fast wrinkle formation and deep wrinkling, premature aging and even skin cancer. Under-exposure can make skin itchy, dull and inflamed - winter skin symptoms.
Explanation: Sun is the source of life and natural vitamin D - a great mood enhancer and energy booster. It also helps clear up acne and make your skin look healthy. But as always, there can also be too much of a good thing. Most sun exposure in our lifetime happens before the age of 20 and the effects may wait for decades to manifest in skin and health problems. Sun overdose provokes overall dehydration of the body and makes skin very dry and sensitive, marks it with sun spots and promotes wrinkle formation and premature skin aging.
Solution: Enjoy sun with these easy and simple precautions:
- try staying indoors between 11am - 4pm when sun is the strongest
- use your natural, mineral sunscreen before going outdoors
- physically block the rays with clothing, wide-brim hats and dark sunglasses
- always thoroughly moisturize after sun exposure to hydrate and revitalize your skin.

Tip #6: Drop Bad Habits 
Skin's Response: Tobacco, drugs and alcohol abuse will age your skin before you know it. Now, piles of literature have been written about drinking good wine in moderation - please evaluate if that's the right thing for you personally. We do enjoy a sip from time to time, so no preaching here.
Explanation: Skin dehydration, collagen destruction and toxic build-up in the body reflect in skin's dull, dry, congested and unhealthy appearance.
Solution: See above. And you know it's the rght thing to do anyway.


We hope these tips combined will help you build a solid foundation for your overall health and beautiful, youthful complexion.

Enjoy and don't forget to pick up some great organic products today!