Don’t just powder your nose, powder your whole face!

The Thesis Beauty Purists are always looking for ways to replace the commercial foaming face wash in typical beauty regimens. As we’ve mentioned before, most foaming facial cleansers include some unhealthy and unwanted ingredients such as detergents, synthetic fillers, and chemical preservatives.

Enter: Natural Powder Face Cleanser.

Our best-selling organic facial cleanser Tender as Petals is a powder, specifically targeted to irritated or sensitive skin. If you have sensitive skin, you don’t want to use regular foaming cleansers that will dry you out and upset the balance of your natural oils. The benefits to using a natural powdered face cleanser in your daily routine are myriad.

Here are the major reasons to switch to Tender as Petals today:

1. Natural and Organic Ingredients: Most foaming cleansers leave sensitive skin too dry, and unable to protect itself. Tender as Petals organic face cleanser is full of natural non-drying ingredients. Premium natural kaolin clay shrinks pores and soothing organic botanicals such as chamomile, lavender, and calendula pull dirt, sweat and other pore-clogging elements out of your face without disrupting sebum production. Why bother with chemicals when you can have all-natural, all the time?

2. Precise Customization: Add more water or one of our organic oil blends for more moisture, or more powder for an exfoliating effect. Use as an organic face mask or as a morning face wash. Use with water or with oil, or a blend. Only you know what feels best for your skin.

3. No Preservatives: Our organic powder cleanser is packaged dry, and activated by liquid for use. Since bacteria need moisture to grow, our organic powder cleanser doesn't need chemical preservatives to remain fresh.

4. Powder is Economical: When you use liquid cleansers, it is easy to go overboard and use more than the recommended amount. And since most foaming facial cleansers strip your skin of natural oils, the more you use, the drier your skin will be, meaning you’ll need to use more moisturizer, more often. In our powder economy, one bottle of Tender as Petals is good for an average of 30-40 washes, and when combined with one of our organic facial serums, lasts longer than commercial products while costing you less.

Although Tender as Petals and other natural powder cleansers are often recommended for sensitive skin types, don’t be afraid to use it on oily, combination or dry skin types as well. Gentle cleansing promotes balance in your skin and the Tender as Petals organic facial cleanser is as gentle as they come!