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Why not just use soap or foaming cleansers on my face? Our skin can be cleansed not only with bubbles! It's great news for people with very dry, sensitive and mature skin types. Everything that foams can potentially deplete our thin and delicate facial skin of its natural oils that protect it. It's especially true for women as epidermis in woman's skin is generally much thinner and more vulnerable compared to man's skin. While natural soaps are a healthy alternative to detergent-based cleansers, they sometimes can be too strong and drying for many individuals with dry, sensitive and mature skin and people with dermatitis, eczema and other skin conditions. No wonder many people see severe dryness and premature aging and have to resort to expensive restorative creams manufactured by the very same companies that sell the drying stuff. Our no-soap cleansers are based on the properties of clays and botanicals that effectively remove dirt and makeup without sucking your skin dry. The result is radiant skin that is clean, balanced, supple and healthy – never dry, itchy, flaky and tight.

Do your cleansers take makeup off? Our cleansers effectively remove makeup. Some conventional mascaras can be a bit more stubborn. We found though that those mascaras and some eye shadows cannot be completely washed off by soap-based cleansers too. Use cotton swabs or cotton pads dipped in oil to gently remove the remaining eye makeup. It's easy, more nourishing to the eye area and completely chemical- /detergent-free technique. 

Can I pre-mix with water and store facial powder productsYou can premix some cleanser and refrigerate for up to 3 days. The best results can be achieved if you mix it fresh every time – takes moments to make and doesn’t give bacteria a chance!

How often to use facial powders? Cleansers: Daily, morning and night, instead of drugstore cleansers or any foaming cleansers and soap (if soap feels too drying for your skin). Scrubs and Masks: only 1-2 times per week.

What do I need masks for? We developed concentrated mask formulas, so that used just once or twice per week they deliver great, lasting results! It takes only 15-20 minutes per week to pamper your face with masks to feel fabulous for a long time. Organic fruit and vegetable concentrates artfully blended with clays, herbs and other organic and all natural components work synergistically to solve skin issues and restore your skin to its glorious beauty. People who use our masks on a regular basis report that they do not need a lot of makeup or any makeup anymore – skin appears so healthy, supple and flawless. Even a very busy person can invest 20 minutes per week in great looking skin.

How do I incorporate your products into my skincare regimen? Easy! Here is a guide for building your skincare routine.

Shouldn't every skincare product be preserved? Your products are preservative-free. Are they safe? Yes – our skincare products are absolutely safe. Please follow instructions and do not introduce any water into jars or bottles to keep your products fresh and clean. And no – not every skincare product must contain preservatives. If you see on the ingredient list one of the following items, you need to look for preservatives too:
water (aqua)
aloe juice or gel (based on water)
fruit purees and concentrates (contain water)
tea or other herbal infusions (if based on water)
toners (if not pure hydrosols/floral waters and don't contain alcohol)
anything that's aqueous (water-based or contains water)

If there are no preservatives in such a preparation it's a red flag:
- the manufacturer either withholds this information (what else are they hiding?)
- or just does not use a preservative (which is terrible! you don't want to get sick from mold and bacteria)
- or there are hidden preservatives (watch out for parfum/fragrance, japanese honeysuckle extract, etc.).
Read more about preservatives and their risks here.